Night Riders

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Night Riders is an evening photography outing and social gathering for all photographers (club members, visitors, and general public) interested in night time, low or existing-light photography.  These outings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday evening of each month (2 weeks after the monthly club meeting).  Various Milwaukee venues are selected and announced during the monthly club meeting, and a reminder email is sent to the membership as the event nears - see also the information posted below.  A 6pm dinner gathering is held at a location nearby, and before the selected photo venue.  Outdoor photo venues are typically chosen during the spring/summer/fall months, and indoor venues during the winter.  Roughly 4-8 people attend this event - although we would like to see more folks attend. 

Next event date:  (4th) Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dinner: 6 p.m. Sail Loft, 649 East Erie Street
(organizer will make reservations since the place gets quite busy - please RSVP to Peter)

Photo op venue:  Eat and then photograph along the river heading North

Venue admission fee:  (none)

Notes: In July event, it was the same venue but we headed East towards the lighthouse - for August, we will head North instead

Organizer: Peter Chow, suggested by Steve Jarvis

Future events:

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